XacFAQ is a designer, developer and publisher of content based apps for smartphones, tablets, wearables, online, PCs, consoles - in fact any connected platforms!  We also create high-quality apps for other companies.  Our own brand apps include XacUSA and XACUK with #QODtrivia coming soon.  Available for Apple and Android.

Our founders are veterans from the videogame industry, most recently Electronic Arts.  As a new technology startup we're interested in interesting new opportunities, partnerships and collaborations.  Don't be shy - talk to us


Exact Frequently Asked Questions.  XacFAQ!

We make content entertaining!

XacFAQ designs, develops and published content-based apps for smartphones, tablets, wearables - in fact any connected platforms!  

We also create high-quality apps for other companies, building CMS and running live operations for brands.

Our trivia apps updated LIVE during the Superbowl the last few years, during the Grammys, the 2014 World Cup and the Academy Awards!  Our platform is powerful, allowing seamless, up-to-the-minute content updates to users - whether for games or applications.

  • Want to get your app 'gamified'?  

  • How about a live trivia solution for your brand?

  • Looking to buy high quality trivia content?

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XacFAQ named one of the top quality publishers for Android based on user ratings!
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