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NEWS: XacFAQ named one of the top quality publishers for Android based on user ratings!
— Android Quality Index, July 2014
         We Know Brands.  We Know Trivia

         We Know Brands.  We Know Trivia


XacFAQ is a designer, developer and publisher of high-quality, mass-market entertainment and e-learning software.

If you have content and are looking to bring that to smartphones and tablets, we can help.


We offer four primary services:

  • Your own bespoke mobile app, which we build and operate for you;

  • Custom content solutions for e-learning / training;

  • Product placement within one of our mobile apps;

  • Consultancy

Your Own App

If you have a lot of content and are looking for ways to bring that to mobile, we can use our platform to quickly create your own-brand app. It will look and feel just like you made it yourself, but we take care of all of the technical side - design, development, publishing, updating, maintenance.

You handle the marketing and promotion as an extension of your existing activities.

We can offer this service at very competitive rates, including a no-fee rev-share option for the right promotional commitment.


Our trivia engine is ideal for custom training needs; a fun way to practice and review materials studied and includes the ability to poll an audience, also track most popular responses, run specific topics on set dates and more.

Contact us with your needs and we'll make it as easy for you as we can!

Engaging Audience

Mobile users are deluged with information, so we help your information and messaging stick by making it entertaining.  You know that when you're having fun, you're more engaged.

Content Platform

We have developed our own content management system and platform that allows us to take existing content and dynamically turn that into engaging, fun entertainment in the form of constantly updating trivia quizzes.

For example - you have a magazine website with up-to-the minute content, but also an archive of older material that isn't being used.  

Or maybe you have an upcoming movie, and you want a way for the audience to engage more deeply prior to launch.

Perhaps you have a coffee shop chain and want to associate your brand with a mobile audience daily, to keep you on their mind and see your latest offerings?

Maybe you have a luxury car to promote and want an outlet for a regular challenge for potential buyers?

Maybe none of the above, but you do want to go mobile with your brand.

Talk to us. We can help.

Promotional Campaign / Product Placement

We can feature your brand in a number of ways - for example you can sponsor a topic within our trivia games, or you can have your own branded topic. Each of these would work like a campaign, in that it would run for a set period of time.  

Once again we aim to make this easy for you as an extension of your existing marketing activities


Given our extensive expertise in game development and mobile/tablet apps, we offer consultancy services including:

  • Digital strategy
  • Game/app design and development
  • Expert partner (i.e. you have a game in development and need help evaluating at key milestones)
  • Troubleshooting
  • Helping connect you with a competent 3rd party game/app developer to complete your project 

Contact us now and say "We want to get our brand in front of the mobile, connected audience!and we'll be happy to discuss how we might help!